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Helinox Australia
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Helinox Australia website designed by Andrew Painter


Helinox Australia print ads & labels designed by Andrew Painter

Ads & Labels

The critical factor in the success of Helinox (Australia) is an appealing, informative, user-friendly web site that provides an easy path to the purchase action.

Our original decision to rely entirely on a web presence to launch a new brand in a very competitive market was contrary to prevailing "commercial wisdom".

Selecting the right person/people to create the web site was clearly the most important decision we were to make.

Andrew's skills, experience and advice have been a critical factor in the success of Helinox Australia.

I continue to enjoy working with Andrew. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who seeks an effective web site!

Norman A Moxey, Helinox (Australia)

Helinox is a world leader in lightweight outdoor adventure equipment such as trekking poles and portable outdoor furniture.

When looking at options for a business model, the Helinox Australia team elected to sell exclusively online and forgo the traditional wholesale/retail method.

Andrew designed and built the first version of in 2011. The site featured secure e-commerce and a management system for content & products.

This site – along with great products and customer service from the Helinox team – launched the business on a steady climb of sales growth. In a short space of time Helinox has become the premier brand in it's market segment in Australia.

In mid 2013, the site was redesigned in line with new global branding. At this time the site also received a significant back-end upgrade to streamline order processing and dispatch.

The website continues to evolve with further improvements based on feedback from the Helinox team & monitoring of customer trends.

Andrew has also designed magazine advertising and other print items such as shipping labels.

Site Features:

  • Tablet & mobile optimised
  • Touch/swipe image galleries
  • Embedded video
  • Secure e-commerce
  • PayPal integration
  • Content management system
  • Order processing
  • Shipping label generation
  • Mailing list signup

Tech-Dry Building Products
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Tech-Dry Building Products website designed by Andrew Painter


Tech-Dry Building Products branding & labels designed by Andrew Painter

Product Branding

It became very clear to us that Andrew would play an important role in the transformation of our business in terms of branding and our digital online presence.

It has been a real advantage to work with someone who has the creative design ability and then be able to deliver it across both print and online.

Andrew has also been able to deliver greater efficiencies in our processes with the integration of our online transactions, delivery and accounting systems.

We have certainly appreciated and benefited from the personal approach that Andrew takes in terms of problem solving and providing customised solutions for our business.

Mark Davies, Tech-Dry Building Products

The owners of Tech-Dry Building Products took over the business in 2011. Although the products were great, the design and marketing efforts were very basic.

Andrew was asked to help with the design of new product labels. Working closely with the client, products were re-branded with more appealing names and logos. New brochures and trade-show display materials were also designed.

The business was re-launched with a new look and new website:

In 2014 the site's design was upgraded and optimised for mobile devices. As part of this upgrade, an e-commerce facility was added for secure online ordering of products.

The new shopping cart features a shipping cost calculator which interfaces with the client's courier service to generate its results. Andrew also setup the e-commerce facility to automatically export completed orders to the client's online accounting software.

The site has been further improved with the addition of product videos and PayPal integration.

Site Features:

  • Secure e-commerce
  • PayPal integration
  • Shipping cost calculator
  • Tablet & mobile optimised
  • Touch/swipe image galleries
  • Embedded video
  • Orders automatically integrated with client's accounting system
  • Content management system

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Andrew Painter Design


// What services do you offer?

Designing and developing websites is my main passion, I also do some design for print work and logo design from time to time.

// How long have you been practicing?

I first started operating freelance in 1997.

// Who are your clients?

My clients range from micro and small businesses through to sub-contracting on projects for government.

// What types of projects do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy projects where my skills and advice can make a very big difference for the business. It's great to see a website that performs well and does what's expected of it.

// What makes for a successful project?

Clear communication is essential – I like working closely with the decision maker in the organisation. Forming a good and lasting working relationship is important because a website is never truly 'done'. The web evolves so fast, there will always be upgrades and new ideas to be considered.


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